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We’ve come to the very sensible decision to not go to New York this year.  It was a tough one though, and one that was almost painful to make, we love going there so much.

We really wanted to be there on our Silver Wedding Anniversary in August, but a number of factors – not least my being out of work since July last year – have just made it totally impractical.  We did think of doing the ‘wait and see’ kinda thing where if my work situation improved in the near future, we might be able to save up for a Christmas or New Year trip, but rather than have that rollercoaster ride, we thought it’s better to draw a line under this year – do something fab in our own city for our anniversary – and look to sort something out for next year.  In addition, I think 2012 will be another tough year for the global economy – having said that I’m an ‘eternal optimist’ and a ‘glass half full’ kinda girl (my sister’s nickname for me at the moment is ‘Pollyanna‘ 🙂 ) – I really think it will really start to stabilise & improve towards the end of this year / early next year.

So, I’m starting to sketch out a rough wishlist for a 2013 trip next, looking to maybe try stay for a couple of weeks, maybe around June time.

I’d at long last get to see Central Park with leaves on all the trees, and full of flowers!  I still have a yearning to sit under a tree in the shade there, with a picnic and a good book, watching the world pass by…

English: Central Park Bridges (view from Bridl...

Ahhh...bliss... Image via Wikipedia

And what about a day trip to Washington…? (yes, I said day trip LOL).  Maybe one to Philadelphia…?

It might be interesting to see if we can find decently priced self-catering type accommodation – one of those hotel apartments sort of thing (I’m not going anywhere near the nightmare of illegal sub-lets!).  I think it’d be cool to actually cook a few meals during our stay – even if it’s just breakfast in the morning!

Then again, if we can find a good hotel for a better price… That new Yotel looks pretty amazing, run by the same group who run Yo Sushi!, and is decently priced! Hmmm…decisions decisions…

Anyway, I know it’s absolutely ages away, and we’ve got some pretty special other stuff happening this year – including our Spring trip to Barcelona – but it’s nice to think about 🙂

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