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A year ago I posted this about an upcoming trip to New York – and well, maybe I’m pining… just a bit…

So I thought I’d giving the old creative juices a stir by looking at blogs with tags for New York City etc, and came across some photography blogs that have some great shots of the city like this one –  Brian Chong Photography – the link I’ve attached takes you to pictures that are tagged ‘New York City’.  I particularly like one he tagged ‘New York’ and ‘Subway’ called ‘Spiderman’.

I started browsing through our iPhoto libraries again looking for one or two to attach to today’s post and found myself (let’s be honest – quite unfairly) comparing the quality of my photos to some of the ones I’ve seen today. All the photos I’ve taken on our trips hold a place in my heart and give me wonderful memories, however, despite (thankfully) wonderful simple editing tools, alot of them just aren’t straight (and with all the software in the world can’t be adjusted to be due to the angle I took them at), some are slightly out of focus (due to me focusing on the wrong element in the photo) and others have bits missing due to bad framing.

No matter how hard I tried I could NOT get the camera to focus properly... whenever I look at this though I remember vividly how cold it was taking this and how absolutely stunning that December sunset was!

The obvious reason for this is I’m not a ‘photographer’ by any stretch of the imagination – I take ‘snaps’ and am quite happy doing so!  I have a lovely ‘point and click’ Panasonic Lumix DMC-ZX3 camera that has pretty much everything I need – and want – 14 megapixels, a great x8 optical zoom and some nice features like ‘Intelligent Auto’ which to be honest I use 80-90% of the time, along with some great ‘Scenes’ options, a couple of which I mainly use the rest of the time – ‘Pin Hole’ and ‘Film Grain’.  It fits in my jeans pocket or my smallest handbag and the battery lasts well enough for me to take photos all day.  Perfect.

I’m specifically talking about MY photos by the way – quite a few that make it onto some of my other social networking places or indeed into my blogs have been taken by Mike – especially alot of the banner ones 🙂

Panorama from Top of the Rock – one of Mikey’s

Mike’s camera’s a Sony Cybershot DXC HX100V with 30x optical zoom, a fab panorama feature and other great whizzbang features, but it definitely won’t fit in my pocket or my smallest handbag and is a bit more ‘complicated’ – great for him, not for me! 🙂

So when I look at these wonderful photographs on some of these blogs, it makes me want to go back and ‘have another go’ at getting my amateur shots that little bit ‘better’ – maybe get a bit creative and take my own ‘Spiderman’ type of shot!

To be fair, I think I’ve gotten a little better each trip, but practice gets me a bit closer to…well not quite ‘perfect’ – but more photos that are a bit straighter, clearer and  better ‘balanced’ 🙂

Not too shabby...would like more like this one!

You never know…I might even read the manual and learn how to use some of the more ‘snazzy’ functions of my lovely little camera before I go… Nah – who am I kidding! LOL.

One of my 'quirky' shots!

Oh and by the way – yes I know I can practice anywhere – including in my own lovely garden or city, or county or indeed country, but this is my New York City blog, about a place I love visiting, and if it gives me another good reason for going back sometime – (yeah, I know, I’m stretching here 🙂 ) hopefully soon-ish…(definitely stretching) – then that’s fine with me! 🙂

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