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Twenty four years ago today, I married the most wonderful, loving, tender, caring (as well as at times downright infuriating :)) man, that I love with every fibre of my being.

That means next year is our first ‘big’ anniversary – our Silver Wedding, and guess where we’re going to be for it…yep – you guessed it – New York City.

“What…!” I hear you say….”NYC – in August – are you crazy???” and to be honest, yes, we probably are, but (and it’s a big ‘but’) we do so love NYC.

We thought about other places and quickly discarded them.  We know the heat is likely to be stifling – the pavements and streets are likely to get that slightly springy, sticky feel –  and there’s likely to be increadible thunderstorms  along with the insane humidity that follows them, but it kept bringing a smile to our faces, as well as giving me that slightly giddy / butterflies-in-your-tummy feeling whenever we talked about the idea 🙂

So – New York it is!

I’ve got my fingers (and everything else) crossed that as we’re escaping the UK during the Olympics, the airlines will be fairly desperate to fill planes going in the opposite direction and we can get a relative bargain!  (we can hope 🙂 )

As for the hotel – we’re looking at the trusty Hilton Garden Inn on West 35th.  We’ve stayed there a couple of times now – in fact we’re staying there for our December trip – it’s clean, comfortable, in a great location (just across the way from Macy’s) and has wonderfully comfy beds as well as great walk in showers!  Perfect!  We might even have enough Hilton Honors Points for a free night or two by the time I book the trip 🙂

We’ve already decided it’s got to be Keens Steakhouse for our celebration feast -it’s one of our favourite restaurants and we visit each time we stay – it already has lots of happy memories for us and it will be wonderful to add more 🙂

We’ve done a lot of the ‘touristy’ things in previous visits so there’s no need to be dashing around anywhere which is perfect – it’ll be lovely to be able to go back to  favourite haunts, maybe take a picnic, and just ‘be’ – watch the world go by from a nice shady spot in maybe Central Park or Bryant Park, read our books and drink lots of iced tea …

If the mood takes us, maybe we’ll see what’s on at the Met and MoMA, and if we wake up early enough one morning, go to the Top Of The Rock before it gets too busy or too hot.

One thing we’re going to try do though is go to a Yankees game – if they’re playing at home of course – otherwise it’s off to Annie’s to watch it there 🙂

Most importantly, we can immerse ourselves in the rhythm of the city but dance to our own beat – pottering around doing what we want to, when we want to – heaven! 🙂