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Well…not been very productive on the old blog recently…partly deliberate as it’s too easy to effectively wish one’s life away in that period of time between ‘now’ and ‘the holiday’!  It’s definitely getting closer though!

We’ve got our passports renewed (new ‘biometric’ ones – it will be a new experience using those at the airport), which meant we could get our ESTA’s done – our previous ones had expired.   It’s a little irritating since you still have to fill out the I94’s on the plane (as well as that pesky Customs form) – they really need to get to the point where the compulsory ESTA replaces that paper copy, especially as you have to pay for them now!  Just the thought that you can’t make a mistake on the paper ones makes me so nervous completing it…I always ask for a spare just in case! And why can’t they give you them as part of check-in – it’s usually at the start the descent that they hand them out so even more stressful – not only do they want perfection – they want it quickly!  I remember Continental Check In Desk’s having some a couple of years ago – it’s so much more chilled filling them in with a nice cuppa, while you’re waiting for your flight 🙂

So – passports renewed – check!  ESTA’s completed  – check!

The last bit of holiday pre-travel stuff on my list was the parking at the airport.  We’ve decided to go for the ‘Meet & Greet’ service this time – sounds very chilled and is still cheaper than getting the minibus across, which is usually my ceiling price when looking at options.  We’ve done the Shuttle Park in previous years, but freezing our backsides off at around 5am in the morning waiting for the bus to come (you always miss one and then have about 20 minutes wait), then hefting the cases into the racks (or playing ‘catch the cases’ when the driver gets a little eager on corners and mini roundabouts) isn’t much fun.  Rinse and repeat on the way home, when you’re tired and cranky…maybe not! We’ll see what it’s like anyway 🙂

Parking booked…check!

We’re going to do the trust Newark Express into Manhattan – it’s a great service and a real bargain!  Our hotel is just a few blocks away from the Bryant Park stop so it’s no hassle.  We’ll buy the tickets in March – bit early to do it yet…well you’ve got to pepper these bits and pieces of preparation around haven’t you!  All adds to the anticipation 🙂

So, that’s it for now…we keep trying to stop thinking about it too much (we have the odd dip in and out of the ‘net now and again when we think of something we’d like to see or do, but are trying to limit ourselves…)  There’s over 9 weeks to go – we’ve got Mike’s birthday around the halfway point and the wonderful build up to Spring (the birds are starting to sing their little hearts out and the bluebells are really starting to sprout!).  After that – well it might just be ‘full steam ahead’ with the old ‘Things to Do’ lists, not to mention my starting make my first drafts of the Packing lists…(did I mention Mike calls me ‘List Lady’…? 🙂 )

Until then folks…. 🙂