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Well, it’s two weeks today since my appendectomy, and I’m happy to say that apart from some horrendous itching (thanks to my body doing a fantastic job at healing) I’m almost back to my usual self!  I still get tired a bit too easily, and with hindsight, it might not have been the wisest decision to do the vacuuming, plus lifting our heavy cast iron Le Creuset-type casserole pan  – a “Dutch Oven” to our friends across the Pond – containing what turned out to be a pretty stupendous braised oxtail, in and out of the oven during cooking on the same day earlier this week,  I think I’m more than ready to tackle the ironing  (booooo….hiss….)  and get moving around more!

I certainly need to build up my stamina again though!  Walking up four flights of stairs leaves me a wee bit wobbly, and I’m ready for a rather long sit down after a few hours pottering around the shops or supermarket.  We do like to yomp around Manhattan on our visits, and weather permitting, we’re thinking about adding walking across the Brooklyn Bridge to our ‘to do’ list, so I need to start building up my overall walking fitness – just hope the weather gets a bit nicer so I don’t end up looking like a drowned rat 🙂

So – onwards and upwards – or should I say forwards!

Have a safe Bonfire Night everyone