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Well this time last week, I’d just had the doctor come out to me as I was in rather a lot of abdominal pain (translation – I was laid on the bed hardly able to breathe let alone move.  That said, I was in a little less agony than I’d been in at 1.30am when I’d been screaming the house down and scaring the bejesus out of Mike with what I thought was a severe intestinal /colonic spasm…I didn’t want to bother our emergency services & A&E department with something like that – all I needed was some antispasmodics and I’d be fine…!)  When he arrived a little after noon, he pretty much took one look at me said I had to go to hospital as I most likely had acute appendicitis.

We managed to get me into the car to go to the hospital (it was going to be 1-2 hours before ambulance transport would get to me) and spent the next several hours waiting to be seen by a consultant, who admitted me that evening for surgery the next day.  I had the operation around 4pm on Saturday and came home on Monday – it was done as a laparoscopic procedure (keyhole) so no big incision – just small ones like when Mikey had his gall bladder removed – phew!

All in all it was excellent timing though, as you’re not supposed to fly for 6 weeks after the surgery and our trip was in 7 weeks!

So here I am healing nicely, (thank you body!) and 6 weeks today we’ll be in NYC!

I’m still banned from doing pretty much anything for another week (no lifting of anything heavier than a bag of spuds, big no-no to vacuuming, ironing, anything with repetitive action, and obviously no driving – boooo!).  I’m told that give it another couple of weeks on top of that and I should be back in business!  Yayyyy!!!!! 🙂

I was hoping to have a bit of a go at ice skating at Citi Pond at Bryant Park but as when I last tried skating over 30 years ago, it involved frequently falling flat on my ass with lots of arm waving and wild wobbling in between, I think Mike would hold his breath the entire time so maybe that’s not such a great idea…! We’re thinking of having a meal at Celsius instead – then we can watch everyone else on the ice and admire the lights on the tree 🙂

I must admit to getting a wee bit excited now…  The Holiday Shops at Bryant Park opened yesterday and Citi Pond opens tonight!    The next ‘milestones’ will be Macy’s Thanksgiving Parade on November 24th and then the Rockefeller Centre Tree Lighting Ceremony on the 30th!

So, before I sign off for now and try to keep my excitement under control, just one more thing – Happy 125th Birthday Lady Liberty 🙂 EarthCam cameras go live later today including one in the Torch!  I’ve embedded the link to their Facebook page – they’re doing a lot of promotional posting for cameras everywhere but will be posting the link to the cameras once they go live around noon Eastern Time.