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Today I’m off to get a turkey – not for Christmas, but for Thanksgiving this Thursday.  Yep, I’ll be making the full shebang – roast turkey, sausage meat & chestnut stuffing, sweet potatoes, roasted pumpkin, a variety of other veggies and of course, homemade cranberry sauce.  I’m obviously planning leftovers for our dinner on Friday as well! 🙂  It’ll have to be a frozen turkey unfortunately… the UK appears to save all the whole birds for Christmas so I can’t get hold of a fresh one  (I’ve got a great free range one ordered for Crimble though!)  We do love ‘Christmas Dinner’ and would happily eat it often! I think between now and New Year we’re likely to have it around four times! Yummmm!!!! 🙂

I know it’s a ‘borrowed’ holiday, but Thanksgiving is the day we start officially go into ‘holiday mode’.  I may have had the odd Christmas record in my head in the past few weeks (who wouldn’t with all the shops in full marketing mode!)  but I previously gave myself a firm talking to if I started humming along! 🙂  On Thanksgiving though, our Starbucks holiday mugs are unwrapped and put out ready to be used, we light our Yankee Candle Holiday tumbler for the first time and from then on, I’ll even allow myself to hum along to Holiday music…I may even listen to the odd track or two before December 🙂

EarthCam are showing Macy’s Parade live on their Times Square webcams (one of them will be showing it in 3D!) and yep, we’ll be watching it while the bird’s cooking.  We’ve got really great memories of watching the parade when we were there for my first ever visit to New York back in 2008.  (Here’s the link to one of my previous blogs about it.)

We don’t decorate the house yet though (that’s a little too early even for me),  but it gives us that feeling of being a little bit closer to Crimble – as well as our next trip 🙂   ‘Trimming up’ is going to be a bit odd this year as we won’t do it until after we get back from our trip.  That means the rooms will only be wearing their Crimble finery for a short time but we won’t have time to get bored of seeing it all – not that we do though, we really love each of the things we put out.  (Ok – love’s probably too strong a word for Mike’s feelings about a decoration I inherited after Mum and Dad died – the glitter-encrusted church that’s nearly as old as me if not older, but he knows how much I love it – I think it’s growing on him LOL).

There’s one thing for certain though – I won’t have to fight my way through crowds panic buying at the supermarket when I head out shortly.  I may get the odd double-take and/ or comment from the checkout assistant about how early I appear to be buying our Christmas dinner though 🙂

Happy Thanksgiving everyone!