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When we were in New York last June, we had a fair few touristy things we wanted to do.   We’d not really had chance to do much of that in previous visits, so we were looking forwards to it.

We did our usual research and decided to get a City Pass.   It’s great value and it has a neat feature where you can bypass the queues in some places – one such place is MoMa where it came in very useful. (If you’d like to read a previous post of mine relating to MoMA, click here).

One of the water based options in the NYC booklet is for a 2 hour Circle Line Cruise, which, as we love being on the water, we were keen to do.   We decided to pay the few dollars extra and upgrade to the full 3 hour all-the-way-around-Manhattan-Island tour.   Whilst it was great at giving you real feel for the sheer size of the island, it was a tad too long – we’d do the shorter 1 or 2 hour version next time!

It did however, give us a great opportunity to get some unusual bridge shots – here are some of my favourites…