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This blogging lark can be a bit of a strain on the old brain cells… Finding a subject for a post that might actually be of interest to anyone in the Big Wide Blogosphere can be a real challenge, and my current fallback is to look through the thousands of photographs we’ve taken during our visits to the Big Apple.

Here’s my inspiration for today.

All city buildings use some glass – you gotta have windows right?  Architects with creations in Manhattan though really do use alot of it, possibly unintentionally creating art in the process.

Sometimes when you think you’re looking at a certain shaped building, you’re actually looking at its reflection in the glass of the structure opposite it!  This photo is my favourite example taken March ’09 from the top deck of one of the New York Sightseeing ‘Hop On Hop Off’  buses as it travelled along W57th Street.

Some of the reflections don’t fool your eyes, they just send them screwy… Here’s another photograph taken on the same trip.

As well as looking like a gigantic  Fun House Mirror, it also reminds me of those picture puzzle games, where an image is broken up into square tiles – you know the ones were a tile is missing, so you just keep moving them around until the picture is (eventually) put back together in the right order.

And of course – all hail the great glass box at on 5th Avenue that is, The Apple Store – 50% reflection, 50% transparancy…100% statement.

The last one was a literally a ‘snap’ I took this June when we were going back to the hotel.  As you’ll know from one of my previous posts, (Location, Location, Location) Bryant Park is a favourite place in the city –  this was taken opposite the corner of the park at 42nd and 6th – the reflection of the blue of the early evening sky is just beautiful!