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Last Easter, we were in New York.  Easter Sunday was a beautiful April day and we decided to wander down 5th Avenue to see the ‘Easter Parade‘.

There’s quite a bit of heated debate on Trip Advisor as to what this actually is, especially when tourists ask locals about it – “what time does it start?”, “is it worth visiting?” etc., at which point the locals firmly state it isn’t a ‘traditional parade’ like Macy’s Thanksgiving Parade, St Patrick’s Day, or even Cuban Day – in fact they get very snobbish about it in my opinion, playing it down big time and generally making it sound like a total waste of time – just a lot of folks wearing silly hats / dressing up etc etc.

We wanted to see for ourselves though – we didn’t care if it was ‘organised’ or not!  I just thought it would be nice to see some ‘Easter bonnets’ (yep, I had Judy Garland singing that tune from ‘Easter Parade’ in my head, as I do right now typing this post!)

And yes – it’s more like a ‘promenade’, folks taking a leisurely stroll, making the most of 5th Avenue being closed off – much to the chagrin of drivers trying to get somewhere I’m sure!

There were folks wandering around in hats made from squidgy marshmallow sweets or from beautiful flowers, some hats worn with their ‘Sunday Best’…

Some decided to do the ‘arty’ thing…

Oh and then there was the Easter Bunny!  Can’t be Easter without him making an appearance (and having his interview of course!)!

And well some of us just wanted to get into the spirit of it all… 🙂  All in all, we really enjoyed it!

Have a great Easter everyone 🙂