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Well I’m really getting giddy now!  I’ve even started putting together our very own interactive map!

We’ve been using this great feature in Google Maps to help remind ourselves where things are in relation to each other and to help us plan our days – well at least a little, and all completely theoretical as we usually end up making our days up as we go along which is perfect for us!  And of course it’s still a work in progress 🙂

Mike, bless his cotton socks, is starting to get that ‘rabbit caught in headlights’ look – always the way when you’ve got a work ‘to-do’ list longer than your arm and a rapidly diminishing number of days left before you finish for a holiday – not a problem I have at the moment though…! My ‘to-do’ list revolves around cleaning and tidying, plus filling the cupboards with food for the moglets – oh and making sure all the clothes we want to take away are freshly laundered!   Much more domestically-oriented!

I’m definitely trying to slow down the ‘countdown’ days though.  I don’t want to wish them away in a big race to get to the ‘finish-line’.  It’s like the week leading up to Christmas – each day’s all the better for being savoured and enjoyed in it’s own right – not rushed through, otherwise you blink and poof!  The event itself is gone far too fast! 🙂

And finally for this post – two more festive events in Manhattan coming up this week.  Tonight sees CitiPond at Bryant Park Tree Lighting Ceremony, and tomorrow night, it’s the turn of the Rockefeller Center Christmas Tree!