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Ok folks…I’m ‘opening up the floor’….!  What would you like to see on my ‘New York State of Mind’ blog?   Any particular things you’d like to read about?

I’ve already had one suggestion – something along the lines of what’s ‘above ground’ at each of the subway stops on one of the main lines – like the ‘6’ Train between Grand Central and Bowling Green for example (thanks Mr D!).   I think that’s going to be a ‘post-trip’ blog… it will be good to take some photo’s, make lots of notes regarding observations, that kind of stuff, then pull it all together.  So that’s on the list!

Are there any places you’d like me to do a bit of research on?  Okay, some of it could be the dreaded ‘cut and paste’ from the ‘net – albeit reviewed and edited for my wonderful audience, but I do like trying to give those ‘potted-posts’ that bring you information from lots of sources, wrapped up in a nice little bundle with some of our photos, and lots of links to other sources in case you’re interested in reading about it further 🙂

You, Dear Reader, have so far had the pleasure of literary treasures (yes, that’s meant to be humorous…) on subjects such as:

So – what’s next? As they say…’Suggestions on a postcard please…’ – well, via the ‘Leave a Reply’ button under this post…you never know – I might even use it, providing it’s clean of course!! 🙂