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I’m trying not to make lists too soon before our trip… Just like I’m trying not to keep thinking how many weeks are to go before our trip…and trying not to keep browsing anything to do with New York on the ‘net… all VERY unsuccessfully!

So far there are little lists containing:

  • Where we’d like to visit – some old favourites, some new places
  • Where we’d like to eat – some old favourites, some new places
  • What clothes we need to buy (we’ve both lost alot of weight over the past year…)
  • What we’ll be packing – we know what we wear and what we don’t so they’ll be reworked lots of times before the deed is done!
  • What we’ll not be packing but will buy there (dontcha just LOVE drugstores??? No point carrying stuff from home we can get our first afternoon there!)
  • What we need to sort out before we go (glad to say, we’re ticking those things off pretty quicky 🙂 )

We’ve even worked out what our daily budget should be!

So with regards to our trying to not making lists or think too much about our up and coming trip until after the end of March, it’s definitely one of those school report moments…’must try harder!’

Awww nuts – sod that!  We’re having far too much fun 😉