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Well, we’ve just finished watching the Thanksgiving Parade via the Times Square Earthcam – lots of great memories as characters went past!  This time two years ago I was a human icicle having stood and watched the parade go down Broadway from Bryant Park steps…I hadn’t realised how long the parade took, and was NOT gonna miss Santa (who of course is the piece de resistance at the end of the parade!).

Thanksgiving also means I can break out the ‘Crimble Crockery’ – well at least the Starbucks mugs we’ve collected over the past few years 🙂  As I type this, I’m drinking Sainsbury’s very tasty “New York Style Half Caff” filter coffee from one of those very mugs!

Here are a few of my notes from that day and the rest of the trip!

Thanksgiving Day

Macy’s Parade from Bryant Park steps –  folks around us watching and waiting just like us – the family who’d brought their picnic – bagels, cream cheese, smoked salmon, well wrapped up for the (very) long wait in the (extremely) cold weather! Sounded like a family tradition…

Staten Island Ferry (Carly Simon firmly stuck in my head….”Leeeet the River Run…..’) and Staten Island Tour Bus – nice guys working the shift – we were the only customers on board… They asked if we knew everything would be closed, we didn’t care – just wanted to drive around!

Back to PJ Clarkes for our Thanksgiving Dinner – offered one of the nice tables in a secluded booth but much to the amusement of the waiting staff, opted for a clear view of the screen so we could watch one of the Thanksgiving NFL games.  Instead of the traditional Turkey Dinner, we went for calamari, Cadillac burgers (so named by Nat King Cole in the ’50’s)  with fries and onion strings.  (Wow there were A LOT of those onion strings!)  Early finish – we were knackered!  All that walking definitely caught up with us!


•   Comfort Diner breakfast – fab! (It’s closed down now… sad day…)

•   Bus tour – Downtown and Brooklyn loops – effing freezing! That night tour bus is COLD – John the tour guide was great!

•   Red – mexican restaurant at Pier 17 / Fulton Street for lunch – chicken and beef fajitas, waitress has family in Hull and goes to Squires on her XJS1150 – small world!

•   Del Frisco’s – expensive but great steak.  Ribbitt wine…  Husband, wife and two sons, looked like they were out for one of the son’s birthday… Wife ordered, drank wine, but didn’t touch her food – as did most of the women we observed – seemed to be a place folks went to order rather than enjoy their meal…not the  most relaxing meal we’ve ever had but worth trying!  Absolutely magical moment walking back to the hotel probably around 11pm…saw this…Saks Fifth Avenue


•   Uptown loop on the Hop On /Hop Off Buses – dividing corner from Harlem back to Museum Mile.  Sarcastic, dry humoured tour guide (missed John!)

•   Comfort Diner lunch – meatloaf, burger, both great (sat at the counter)

•   Virgils BBQ – really glad we went.   Ace ribs, great cornbread, mac n cheese.  Pulled pork, ribs, riblets, veggies, potato salad and slaw, followed by Key Lime Pie – all fab.  Virgils Pale Ale not as good as the Sierra…!

So all in all, a wonderful trip!  Roll on April for our first ‘Springtime’ visit together, and if we’re fortunate, we’d love to go back in December next year – the Big Apple certainly knows how to do Christmas! 🙂

Happy Thanksgiving everyone!!!